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Welcome to Thieves Quarter


So we have decided to change premium memberships and offer 2 types..

1. DT3 Subscription Membership: Unlocking DT3 premium features

Currently Web Services have been Disabled.

2. DT3 Subscription & Advanced Website Membership: Unlocking DT3 premium features and access to TQ Website modules

Some of the TQ Website modules include..

Treasure Hold: Access over 140 different treasure hold offers.

Secret Shop: Access over 500 shop offers.

Sanctuary Hack: Customize any sanctuary dragon with any valid trait from the sanctuary codec. 

Below is a small preview of the new DT3, please keep in mind its still a work in progress..

Craft Equipment

Craft Equipment

Unpack Troop Bins

Unpack Troop Bins

Chest Opener

Chest Opener

Join us at the sanctuary for assistance and updates on DT3

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