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Welcome to Thieves Quarter!

Little about the site..

This site has been designed to make some of the cool things in Dragons of Atlantis in one place, We will be sharing all kinds of things on here such as most of the popular Python ScriptsThis site will be made up of two things, Free Members & Paid Members.

Free Members:

Free members will have Access to Scripts we develop free of use to anyone we now have an All in one script that will do things like Open Chest, Forge items, Forge Adventures,   Upgrade Buildings ect We will add a normal training script soon.

Note: Free Members can now get DoA Tricks FREE by completing a Survey/Offer! CLICK HERE (version 2.0.1)

For version 2.0.4 By Donating: Click Here

Paid Members:

Paid Members will have Access to some of our better scripts and be first to use scripts before they become free… Currently we have a few things for Paid Members such as

DoA Tricks! – this file comes with an install .exe for a GUI interface, has 2 Modules built into it, one being Trade dupe (using trade system to dupe) The other being Auto Dupe, where it Use’s an Alt to dupe just like script below.

Auto Dupe of Resources (this script will be used with an alt account and will sync all attacks to hit at the same.)

Auto Training /Power (this script use’s the current Event/Challenge and will allow you to enter the power you wish to gain, it will train in batches till it hits the target you enter, it will also show you current Rank.)

Cross Realm Resources (this script will use the Trade system and transfer Resources from one realm to another as long as they are on the same server and you have Trade unlocked on both realms.)

Free Name Change (this script will Allow you to change your name for free at any time.)(Patched Looking for fix)

Free City Name Change (this script will Allow you to change your city name for free at any time.)(Patched Looking for fix)

Website Side:

Shop (We have a large range of items that are for sale for discount prices this list is always being updated with new items and lower prices)

Note: The idea of the shop is for ruby buyers

Treasure Hold (Just like the shop this is built into the website, same as the python script but much easier to use.)

More things to come!!


We would also like to share a very useful tool made by TLC this is a paid tool and you can get it from the following link:
DoA Battle Calculator


Keep in mind that all updates for scripts will be posted here so better to get your Membership now.